Practical Kitchen and Pantry GuideJanuary 18, 2023

A big list of stuff I keep around to do regular from-scratch cooking for one or two people. Items in bold are "essential" and non-bold items are nice-to-have.


Pots and Pans


Note that a lot of brands offer a 7-12 piece knife set with a bunch of knives you'll rarely use. I haven't tried it, but Made In's 4-piece knife set looks like a good deal with just the actual essentials.

Maintenance/safety: always wash and dry your knives immediately to keep the blade sharp. Don't leave knives in the sink or countertop, put them back in the drawer or knife block immediately to prevent someone grabbing them accidentally. When cutting, make sure you have enough space on the cutting board to make safe movements and move items to a bowl if they take up too much space.




Fresh Groceries